Santiago Entrelac Wrap

Here is entrelac wrap pattern designed by  Kathy Perry and named Santiago Entrelac Wrap.
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Yarn needle
SIZES: Small/Medium (Large/XLarge)

Width: Approx 16"/ 40.5 cm
Length: Approx 54 (66)"/137 (167.5) cm

In Stockinette stitich 18 sts and 24 rows = 4”/10 cm
In Garter stitch, 16 sts and 32 rows = 4”/10 cm

Naturally Country
(75% Microdenier Acrylic/25% Merino Wool):
#0024 Black (MC) 3 (4, 4) oz/85 (113, 113) gr,
#0017 Claret (A) 4 oz/113 gr,
#0020 Loden Forest (B) 3 (4, 4) oz/85 (113, 113) gr,
#0014 Deep Purple (C) 3 (4, 4) oz/85 (113, 113) gr
One US size 8 (5 mm) 29"/73.5 cm circular needle, or size to obtain gauge
Stockinette stitch
Garter stitch

WRAP (made in one piece with border added last)
With first color, cast on 36 sts.

TIER 1 -- Base Triangles (make 3)
P2, turn.
K2, turn.
P3, turn.
K3, turn.
Purl 1 more st each time from left hand needle until all 12 sts are on right hand needle. Do not turn.
Leave these sts and work two more base triangles.

TIER 2 – First Row of Blocks
Change to next color. The first row of Blocks has side triangles.
First side triangle:
K2, turn.
P2, turn.
Kfb, k1, skp turn.
P4, turn.
Dec 1 st each time from base triangle on k rows.
Continue until “kfb, k9, skp” has been worked. Do not turn; leave these 12 sts.
First Block
Pick up and k12 sts from row-ends of base triangle, turn.
P12, turn.
K11, skp, turn, p12.
Continue in this manner until all sts of base triangle have been decreased. Do not turn.
Work a Second Block between second and third triangles.
Second side triangle:
Pick up and k12 sts from row-ends of last base triangle, turn.
P2tog, p10, turn.
K11, turn.
P2tog, p9, turn, k10.
Continue decreasing at beg of every purl row until one st remains.
Turn, slip st onto left hand needle.

TIER 3 – Second Row of Blocks
Change to next color. The second row of Blocks does not have side triangles.
First Block
P1, pick up and p11 sts, turn.
K12, turn.
P11, p2tog, turn, k12.
Continue in this manner until all sts of First Row of Blocks has been decreased, do not turn.
Work second and third blocks in this manner.
Alternate Tier 2 and Tier 3 until there are 12 (15) of Tier 2 and 11 (14) of Tier 3.

TIER 4 -- Completing the Entrelac
Work the next row of Blocks is the same as the First Row of Blocks but working into the Second Row of Blocks instead of into base triangles.
Closing Triangles
Change to first color.
P1, pick up and p 11 sts from row-ends of side triangle, turn.
K12, turn.
P2tog, p9, p2tog, turn.
K11, turn.
P2tog, p8, p2tog, turn.
K10, turn.
Continue in this manner until “turn, k2” has been worked.
Turn, p1, k2tog, turn, k2, turn, p3tog – 1 st remains.
Picking up and purling 11 sts from row-ends of Blocks, work second and third closing triangles.

Border: With RS facing, using MC and circular needle, pick up 203 (254) sts (16 sts in each triangle and 1 between triangles) along one long edge.
(WS) Work in Garter st, inc 1 st (slip first st and inc 1 st in second st) at beg of each row 13 times.
(RS) Change to A and work 3 more rows in the same manner -- 219 (270) sts.  Bind off.
Rep for opposite long edge.
Short Edge: With RS facing, using MC and circular needle, pick up 50 sts along one short edge and work in the same manner as long edge border. Bind off 66 sts.
Rep for opposite short edge.
Seam edges to form mitres.
Using yarn needle, weave in ends. Steam lightly