Garter Entrelac Hat - Level: Intermediate

Aria & Cotton Twirl Lone Star Hat Designed & Knit by Gail Tanquary

MC - 2 - 50 gr. balls Crystal Palace Cotton Twirl

CC - 1 - 50 gr ball Crystal Palace Aria
Size 5 and 7 - 16" Crystal Palace Bamboo circular needles
Size 7 Crystal Palace Bamboo 6" double point needles
1 Stitch marker
1 button (optional)

Gauge: 18 sts = 4" in garter st with size 7 needle and Cotton Twirl
Instructions Using smaller circular needle and MC, cast on 96 sts.
Join, taking care not to twist sts and work in K1-P1 ribbing for 1-1/4".
Change to larger needle and knit one round, decreasing as follows: *K4, K2 tog* all around - 80 sts.

Change to CC and begin pattern
Entrelac Step 1 - CC
*(K2, turn) twice
(K3, turn) twice
(K4, turn) twice
(K5, turn) twice
(K6, turn) twice
(K7, turn) twice
K8 once - do not turn*.
Repeat between * around (10 triangular sections formed). Cut yarn.
Mark this side of work as right side.

Turn work and continue with wrong side facing and MC.
Entrelac Step 2-MC
(Pick up and purl 8 sts along edge of triangle on right needle. Turn, K8 and turn.
*K7, K2 tog, turn, K8.* )
Rep between * until all 8 sts of triangle on 1st row have been worked. Do not turn after last K2 tog.
Now repeat between ( ) around - 10 rectangles are formed. Cut yarn.

Step 3-CC
Turn work and repeat step 2, but pick up and knit on rs of work

Step 4-MC
Turn work and repeat step 2, picking up and purling on ws of work

Step 5-CC
Turn work and with right-side facing, continue as follows:
*Pick up and knit 8 sts along edge of rectangle and turn.
K8, turn
K7, K2 tog, turn, K7, turn
K6, K2 tog, turn, K6, turn
K5, K2 tog, turn, K5, turn
K4, K2 tog, turn, K4, turn
K3, K2 tog, turn, K3, turn
K2, K2 tog, turn, K2, turn
K1, K2 tog, turn, K1, turn

K2 tog*
Repeat between * around. - 80 sts
Slip last st worked back to left needle, place marker.

Begin decreasing as follows:
1: *K6, K2tog* around - 70 sts
2-3: Knit
4: *K5, K2 tog* around - 60 sts
5-7: Knit 3 rounds
8: *K4, K2 tog* around - 50 sts
9-11: Knit 3 rounds
12: *K3, K2 tog around - 40 sts
13-15: Knit 3 rounds
16: *K2, K2 tog around - 30 sts
17-18: Knit 2 rounds
19: *K1, K2 tog* around - 20 sts
20: K 1 round
21: K2 tog all around - 10 sts

Cut yarn, leaving 10" tail. Thread onto tapestry needle and draw thru remaining loops.
Pull up firmly and fasten off.